Persistence, John Carmack and Virtual Reality

John Carmack is an amazing person to follow, he is very knowledgable, humble and inspiring as a software developer. He has worked on games with Commander Keen, published 1990, to Doom, Quake. He has participated in QuakeCon where he would give a talk about what has happend in the last year and his interests. His talks is not reharsed and he is able to speak 3 hours just from his passion and what he has done, delivered with genuine passion.

In 2012 (now 10 years ago!), in his yearly talk he talked about his experiements with VR and getting the optics correct.


That all lead him to join the new Oculus company in 2013 as CTO. And again at Facebook Connect 2021 October he gave a talk again about the last year.


Super inspiring to see the same level of commitment and persistence to archiving a dream and not by a sprint, but greatness can be archived by just working hard for 10+ years on the same thing.

Just by listening to those talks you can hear how big a influence John Carmack has had on Virtual Reality. He says in his 2012 talk, he would have thought VR would have been solved by somebody else since it had been trendy since the 1990's, and he shows that one should not be afraid of other companies already having a headstart.

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