Switch to your AirPods from the command line

Wouldn't it be cool if you could just write a command in your terminal and switch to your AirPods instead of having to use the Menubar Bluetooth menu or the Sound Icon.

We can install a cli that can control Bluetooth with brew.sh

$ brew install bluetoothconnector

Then we can connect to your Airpods by using:

$ BluetoothConnector -c MAC-ADDRESS --notify

We can find our airpods mac address by running:

$ system_profiler SPBluetoothDataType

Look for your AirPods name and copy the address:

Mine is as example: 8C-04-D0-96-55-CC

Then now we can do

$ BluetoothConnector -c 8C-04-D0-96-55-CC --notify

And you should see your Airpods connected, and if you run it again it will say Already connected.

Quick bash function

The mac address will never change, so we can make a small bash function and place it inside our bash config:

Here when the function is static we can use a alias

alias airpods="BluetoothConnector -c 7C-04-D0-96-55-BB --notify"

or if function look like this

airpods() {
  BluetoothConnector -c 7C-04-D0-96-55-BB --notify

and then you can simply reload your bash terminal and run

$ airpods

Success! No more fiddling with any gui!

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