Take control over the platform and own your content

All companies make it easy to host your content on their platform and at the start, it will feel like a great deal, you get a lot of value, but at some point, tide will turn. Reality sets in a companies need to earn money, the show cookie banners because they need to do analytics, the show banners nagging people to sign up, the show banners for their mobile app, the beg people to pay. All things that you don't control and that does not benefit your user necessary.

By taking control you own the experience, you can show it how you want and do what you think is the best for your users.

If it is text, you find a place where you are in control, and the way to be in control is to pay money! Many people do not want to pay and this is where the companies benefit, they get to own the content on their platform. There is no way around it than paying, and you will be surprised by how little you need to pay to own your data, to control your users' privacy and their experience.

I do it myself, I use Medium, Youtube, Facebook and that is also fine, I am also posting on my own website, I create and store my own content on Github where I am paying.

And I just made this code example for a blog post https://github.com/kevinsimper/queryselector-web-component

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