The difficulties of finding the right people

Every company needs the right people to solve its tasks. Today companies post job ads to job websites like Linkedin, jobindex.dk and thehub.io which enables people to easier find available jobs. Let us look at some of the difficulties that I have experienced finding the right people.


Every job ads are generally only for hiring a single person, so no matter how many people apply only a single person will be positive impacted. Companies ideally only need a single candidate, but that is not feasible so a lot of churn happens on job sites.


My experience today with jobsites are that a lot of candidates are simply not even qualified for the job, most basic is they apply for a job but are not residing the country the job is located in.

Second high churn is in the these modern times it has been made easier and easier to apply for jobs, so most job sites allow single click apply. That make sense as we discovered earlier, it is a numbers games so the incentive is to apply to as many jobs as possible to get as many chances. Combined with that the modern job sites does not garantee any kind of quality of companies responses, most applicants has the experience that companies does not respond. That most be detrimental if a person has spent a long time making a motivated application and not hearing anything.


You generally do not want your current employeer knowing that you are applying or even interviewing for a new job. If a employeer knows that, it will commonly have a negative effect in tasks and promotions, so employees want to keep it a secret, so anonymity is important.

Job expectations

Some jobs are general jobs, but more jobs are expert jobs. The job require a very specific knowledge and companies has two choices; trying to find a person that has the knowledge, or find a person willing to learn and invest into teaching the person the nessasary skills. Both things are good options, but widely different and requires two different from the company hiring.


Compensation is important, everyone needs to pay rent. Being a expert, you expect to be paid more and you can also require that. The new thing is that companies are required to post salary ranges, but as we have discovered salary range is one dimension, but finding the right person is multi dimensional. The idea of salary is huge benefit, it can save both the company time that it does not waste the expert applicants time if the salary defined is too low. Compensation can not be simplified to a range, it all depend on many factors. Salary range is to combat exploiting companies that underpay workers.

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