What I would ask a potential employer

Finding a job is never easy, you want the best job you can get, but you can not search forever for the perfect job, and what is the perfect job anyway?

Finding a tech job these days, however, is surprisingly easy. We are on 11 years since the last financial crisis and never has the demand for technical people been higher, so that is making it even more difficult to find the best job for you.

You shouldn't say yes to every offer that comes your way, you have to be a bit critical for how you evaluate if it is a good offer that comes your way. Maybe tech people also have to work a bit to find their job instead of waiting to be approached but that is another post. Here is how I would evaluate offers coming my way, maybe you can take some of it and use it for your own evaluations.

Do they have an active social media profile?

Do I know anyone that works at that company?

Do they use git and GitHub?

Are you allowed to work from home?

What program do they use for tracking issues?

How often do they release their code into production?

Do they use a program to format their code?

Do they use Docker containers to build?

Do they have automated deployments? Can anyone deploy?

How long does it take to deploy to production?

Do they have a written down training budget for each employee?

Do they have a fridge of sodas?

How quickly can you create a new website and deploy it inside the company?

Does the company help the community/sponsor meetups?

And a lot of other things...

These are just the most obvious questions that I ask or think about inside my head. How all these questions are answered tells you a lot about how that company works and it would define greatly how I would thrive inside that company.

Of course, all those things do not have to meet to perfection, a growing company or a new company can not impossible have solved all those. Sometimes, some of those things are always what you could be hired for to fix, something that you would know bring a lot of value to the company and something they would pay you more than average to solve.

But very few of us are superhumans, so you can only really change a few of them, changing all of them would basically require you to change the whole company, how everyone works. That would not make a good fit then.

So what is important for you? Everyone is different, but it is important to know what is important and dealbreakers so that you don't get lured in by every job offer that may get send your way ;)

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