Why I like going to tech meetups

I like going to meetups, it is a lot of fun and you can often fit it into your schedule without planning too much as they are often around the areas where you already live. A meetup is a community, but it is much more than just a group of people just talking!

So these things is what I think makes it different:

Fast moving industry - lots of innovation

Tech is such a fast-moving industry that innovation happens on a much quicker rate than any other industry. Going to meetups about tech is a way to learn about these innovations where people give presentations and explain to you concepts and tools that you can use!

Being on the forefront - knowing what's moving

Going to meetups and talking with other people also lets you know what the talk is about, there is an infinite amount of information on the internet and you can't read it all. If all the talk/discussion is about a certain topic you know something is going on and maybe it is also worth it for me to look into. It is like a community spam filter that filters information to know what is good. You can also know if you are on the forefront if nobody talks about it and you know it is good.

Connecting in real life - getting off the computer

Working in tech means looking at the computer for a long time, having an excuse to go somewhere is not bad ;)

Being able to share things I make

Having a place to share what you have made is awesome and a humbling, being able to spread the word about something you care about and how that can help others. In tech there is often a lot of hurdles and countless stuff that doesn't work right, being able to share how one solved it feels really good as it can make it all worth it.

Being able to share the enthusiasm with others about new technologies

Tech is also so broad now that people that like programming or work in tech do not necessarily like the same thing as I do, then it is awesome to meet with people that like the same stuff and talking about all the upcoming things we are working on and looking forward to!

Being able to collaborate with people that share the same ideas

Working on new projects are fun, but sometimes finding people that want to work on the same thing can be difficult, everyone is not alike and shouldn't be, so being able to find and work with people that you share an interest with is a lot of fun. This is what is amazing about tech, this is what allows you to break into new fields in technology but also just break into tech in general. Showing up is part of the work.

This one I really important, it helps a lot sharing what kind of things you like and values you have, as it makes it much easier to find people but also companies that you would like to work for.

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